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About Us

Meet the Team

MileStone Real Estate Services works in a portfolio management style. Allowing your property management team to be an expert when it comes to your property and tenant..

Communication and follow through are vital to property management with both owners and tenants. We strive daily to have fantastic communication so we can provide great property management. Our goal is that you will never have to make the phone call and ask "What is going on with my property?"

Picture of Ron Lynde and Renee Lynde
Rob Lynde Owner, Managing Broker, Realtor
Renee Lynde Owner, CFO

Rob has been in Colorado Springs since January of 1989. When he arrived , his first impressions were not favorable , and he was ready to turn around and go back home. That night it snowed 4 inches , and after a morning run in the snow , he was ready to give Colorado Springs a chance. After 30+ years , he is happy to call Colorado Springs home. Rob’s family bought their first rental property in Colorado Springs in 1990 , and so started his residential management career. He had a number of other career opportunities along the way , but decided in 2002 that it was time to get his real estate license and make the one constant in his life , his career, real estate and property management. He has owned rental property in and out of the state , and has used property managers himself. This provides a unique understanding of what it is like to have your property managed by someone else , and the type of communication desired.

Renée has been in Colorado Springs since January of 1989. She moved here at the same time as Rob to work together for Triathlon Federation USA. Just as Renée was in charge of the accounting for over 40,000 triathletes while at Triathlon Federation USA, she is in charge of the accounting at Milestone RES. Renée received her Colorado real estate license in 2008. Additionally, she is a valuable source of information having past experience in the mortgage lending industry, and as an H&R Block tax advisor. Renée has also owned and managed rental property in the Colorado Springs market for the past 25+ years. Renée and Rob tied the knot in 2008 and still spend at much time together as possible, they have four kids between them, a dog named Kai, they have built their dream home, and they enjoy hiking, running, cycling and triathlons.

Rob Lynde (719) 260-6871 Renee Lynde (719) 260-6871
Picture of Robert Lynde
Robert Lynde

A Colorado Springs native who grew up in the business, Robert first started working at MileStone while still in high school doing repairs and yard maintenance on the properties. After high school, Robert went to Fort Collins to study at Colorado State University for four years and graduated with 3 B.A.s (Economics, History, and Anthropology).

Robert is a Colorado Real Estate Broker and enjoys property management because every day he feels like he gets something done.

Picture of Spencer Abeyta
Spencer Abeyta

Spencer is a true Colorado businessman at heart. He started his own lawn care business in high school and performed maintenance for MileStone on the side. At Colorado State University, he received his Bachelors in Business Administration, with a concentration in Real Estate. During his studies, Spencer worked at a real estate office for 2 ½ years. He is a licensed Real Estate Broker in Colorado and is excited to bring his experience to MileStone RES.

In his free time, he enjoys renovating homes and has begun to invest in his own rental properties. When he needs a break from real estate, you can find him hiking or 4 wheeling in a mountain.

Picture of Stefanie Chambers
Stefanie Chambers

Stefanie comes back to property management after spending time managing the front office for one of our vendors. When I first approached her about working with us, she said “no” - Can you believe it? Then she realized, “Where else can I have so much fun and never be bored?” - We are thrilled to have Stefanie join us at MileStone RES.

Picture of Maria Diaz Cordova
Maria Diaz Cordova

We didn’t hire Maria, she hired us. Maria was working with a property management company that also handled HOA management. When they were purchased by a national company, she got a hold of Spencer about coming to work for MileStone RES. Now, I was not a part of that conversation, but I understand it went something like this: Hi, I’m Maria, and I would be a great asset to your company, but before I even come in for an interview, I have some questions for you. Keep in mind, at the time she called, we did not have a “Help Wanted” sign in the window. We are very lucky she made the call and that Spencer passed Maria’s initial employer screening questions.

Picture of Romi Janssen
Romi Janssen

Romi Janssen, MileStone Real Estates’ first employee! Romi has retired a time or two, but keeps coming back, and for that, we are thankful. Romi is more like a family member than an employee, and loves showing properties. She helps with accounting, applications and anything else she finds that needs to be completed. We have been fortunate to watch the kids and grandkids grow up, and have even employed some of them from time to time, too.

Picture of Anna Presland
Anna Presland

Anna Presland is the voice and friendly face of MileStone Real Estate. She came to us after getting a taste of property management from a colleague who focused on HOA management. She likes the interaction and getting to know tenants and owners a lot more than just answering questions about how the HOA is run. She answers the phone the vast majority of the time and is eager to help with rental inquiries and setting up appointments so prospective tenants can view available homes.